Coronavirus In Pakistan

admin on 2022-09-22


What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a viral infection. It is caused by a newly identified Coronavirus. Coronaviruses are of different kinds but some of them cause infections. SARS (2003), which caused an outbreak in China, was also a type of Coronavirus. This newly recognized COVID-19 has taken over the whole world. Almost the entire world is suffering from a pandemic caused by COVID-19.

COVID-19 is basically a respiratory illness that is spreadable from individual to individual.

COVID-19 was first identified in December of 2019 in Wuhan City (China). It spread to other countries in the world very quickly.  With a blink of an eye America, Europe, Australia, and Asia all were affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. More than fifty thousand deaths occurred and over one million people were affected by COVID-19 worldwide. World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 to be a pandemic on 11th March 2020.

To this day the figures are only increasing, that too rapidly. The world is undergoing the second wave of Coronavirus as of today, and like most pandemics, the second wave of COVID -19 is more severe than the first one and is causing more fatalities.

All kinds of precautions are being taken all over the world but COVID-19 is still somehow making a way for itself. 

Like all countries of the world, Pakistan is also affected by Coronavirus. The first case of COVID-19 was identified on February 26, 2020, in Karachi, Pakistan which was officially reported by the Ministry of Health. 

The government of Pakistan had already been preparing for the outbreak. According to thesis help “National Action Plan for preparedness & Response to Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) Pakistan” was presented on 12th February 2020 by the Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation & Coordination Pakistan. Its objective was to control the effects and spreading of COVID -19 in Pakistan and also to prepare health authorities to respond rapidly in case of an emergency.

With a lot fewer resources as compared to countries like the USA or France, the Pakistan government took thorough measures, such as remarkable quarantine facilities were established, active awareness campaigns were marketed, setup special COVID-19 hospitals provided required essentials to testing laboratories, and opted for smart lockdown within the country to ensure public safety and to stop the spread of COVID-19. All businesses were closed; only grocery shops were allowed to be open for a limited time period. Schools and other academic institutions were shut down.

Pakistan is an underdeveloped country and daily wagers are a big part of our country. Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan was adamant about not locking down the whole country as it will be disastrous for the daily wagers and poor people, due to this reason when things seemed to get a little better for the country, businesses started opening up and people continued with their normal lives once again but because of this people became careless with their ways and were not taking proper precautions for their safety.

Today, Pakistan, like many other countries is going through the second wave of COVID-19. More than 3000 COVID-19 cases are being reported each day and in November alone, more than 50000 new cases were reported.

The government of Pakistan has once again closed the academic institutions and indoor sitting at restaurants is also banned. 

Due to COVID-19, the economy of Pakistan was also severely affected by businesses being closed and no trade for months.

According to the COVID platform established by the government of Pakistan (, as of today the total number of cases reported in Pakistan are 403,311, the number of cases currently active is 49,780, the total number of deaths occurred till today are 8,166 and the total number of cases that recovered successfully are 345,365.