Essay On Pakistan

admin on 2022-09-22


Pakistan, a land abounding in the pure, is one of the oldest civilizations and a country of a unique blend of history that incorporates both the cultures of the East and West. It is considered as the melting pot due to its ethnic diversity, comprised of a various number of major ethnic groups, differing across various domains like historical linkages, geographical traces, physical features, customs, dressing, perceptions, and way of living, values, food, ideologies and tasteful music. Due to its geographical positioning on the world map, it is at crossroads with many countries that jeopardize the peace between countries. It is the first region of South Asia to receive the full impact of Islam and developed an Islamic identity.

Pakistan is one of those few countries in the world whose strategic and geographical and positioning is of immense importance. It shares its border with some of the major countries like China, India, Iran, and Afghanistan. Afghanistan depends on Pakistan for Internationaltrades, Central Asian states and Iran has incorporated in the gas pipeline project. Gwadar port has opened economic routes for China to export and flourish its trade. Moreover, a project called geographical linkages Silk Road Economic Belt, a trillion-dollar project so far has attracted 60 countries to become its part directly or indirectly and still more countries to get involved in this project. Hence, Pakistan emerges to be one of the most significant geographical patches of Asia.

Pakistan is immensely diversified in ways of living that changes from province to province, having different specialities. The food, the music, dresses, perceptions, beliefs and the rich customs and values all are of immense delight. Its folklores, Qawalis, Ghazals and Sufi Qalams are of worldwide importance and holds special appreciation across different nations. On the other hand, it has agricultural sector plays a very important role in boosting its economy. It generates 48% of labour in the agricultural sector. Moreover, the soft image of the country is portrayed by the people through its international sports. Pakistan has some of the best-known players in cricket, Hockey, and kabaddi. Handicrafts, like, pots, and woven carpets are always collected by the tourists as souvenirs. Moreover, the tourism rate has increased majorly in recent years, locals are opening their doors for the hospitality of the guests in their country, reflecting the hospitable nature of Pakistan which sets them apart from other nations.

The values that Pakistani people generally hold incorporates valuing people around them, not only taking care of themselves but of others as well, keeping dear the family dynamics besides increasing westernization. Pakistan is also a home for religious minorities and the constitution of the states doesn’t allow anyone to abolish anyone to destroy their places of worship or deprived them of their rights. Thesis help in Pakistan depicted many such scenarios in their well-written essays.

If there is any country whose core existence of culture and its people are strikingly contrasted with its image at the International front, it’s no other nation but Pakistan. It is a land of many splendours and opportunities for immense growth if utilized properly. Beyond its political and economic inefficiencies, there resides a nation that believes in working resiliently against all odds, is patriotic, hospitable and values human relations: a country that reflects vibrant and unique culture.