Influencing Role Of Imran Khan In Developing Education Sector Of Pakistan

admin on 2022-09-21


The education sector of Pakistan has mostly always suffered all throughout the years of independence. The importance and need of education in Pakistan has always been evident and claims of reforming the education sector are also often made but nothing actually happened.

It was a breath of fresh air when before the elections; the PTI government always raised the voice on the issues with the education sector and how it needs to transformed completely for the betterment of the country.

The party came in power as they established their government in 2018 and soon after the plan for better education was laid out. Prime minister Imran Khan has always appealed to the youth more than any other demographic and if we look at the population of Pakistan, more than 50% of people are below the age of thirty. This is why it is absolutely crucial for Pakistan to make education accessible to as many students as possible.

Imran Khan is a sensible leader with a vision to develop Pakistan and make our country a better place to live in for not only the citizens but for the people who visit Pakistan. For all of this to happen, education holds an important role. Imran Khan has himself worked hard to establish an educational institution that provides high-quality education with the standards of foreign universities and this proves his conviction to transform the education sector.

Imran Khan along with his capable ministers is determined to bring the education system out of the unnecessary political influence. Imran Khan believes that education should be strictly restricted to the mission of providing quality education and should be free from any political interests. Prime Minister Imran Khan wants the institutions to have autonomy so that they can teach the students without any political interference.

Imran Khan always wanted to end the educational disparity among the private and public sector education institutions and believes in uniformity. If we compare the syllabus used in private and public institutes, we will see how big of a difference there is.

Private sectors are moving ahead with the times and are incorporating new and improved books into their syllabus. Whereas according to research by the thesis writing services, the government sector is still stuck with the old books and the same old curriculum.

Imran Khan wants all the students in the country to have uniform education and eliminate the disparities.

Our educational system is still backward as compared to other countries and the use of technology is limited. Imran Khan wants to bring technology to the educational system and incorporate it for a better academic experience.

Also, Imran Khan Government is investing and paying great attention to the science and technological fields and are trying to adapt to modern technology to make education more interactive and advanced.

Imran Khan is not only working hard to achieve the goals for the educational system but he is also trying to bring out plans to develop the youth of Pakistan by providing employment opportunities.