Top 8 Law Universities In Karachi

admin on 2022-09-22


Karachi is the biggest, most developed city in Pakistan. It is one of the cities in Pakistan that offers a vast variety of education, one of which is law education. Karachi has a number of remarkable law institutes that provide quality education and thorough knowledge within the legal theory and practice to satisfy the wants of the law profession which will eventually encourage students to contribute their practice and education for national development

Here is a list of the top 8 law universities in Karachi in 2020.

1. School of Law- University of Karachi:

Karachi University is one of the biggest universities in the country. KU degrees are well sought after within the country and also internationally. KU provides 2 and 5-year law degrees to their students, an L.L.B degree in 5 years and an L.L.M degree in 2 years. According to the official KU website, they offer legal education as it plays a vital role in shaping a civilized and enlightened society. The main aim of KU’s law school is to provide legal education to students so that they can further influence and use their knowledge to assist other people. KU is without a doubt one of the best options for law institutes and so it deserves to be a part of our top 8 law universities.

2. Bahria University:

Bahria University has rightly so made a name for itself in a short period of time thus securing a place in our top 8 universities list. Bahria University is one of the most sought after private universities in Karachi. Bahria University offers 5 years L.L.B program after the completion of intermediate/A levels education. Their law program comprises of ten semesters in total.

3. Dadabhoy Institute of Higher Education:

Dadabhoy was established in 2003 and became a degree awarding institute in 2005 because of its highly qualified faculty and their up to the mark academic programs one of which is the law. It is a part of our top 8 list because of its achievements in such a short time period. Dadabhoy provides 5 years B.A L.L.B post-graduate integrated course of ten semesters which combines Bachelor of Arts and Law. They also have a PhD law program. Dadabhoy’s main aim is to provide a contextual education to their students which enable them to prepare for any future challenges. They also provide financial aid to deserving students.

Dadabhoy’s education is based on experiential learning and social interactions, making it easier for students to get their thesis help.

They have their own podcast/radio show to keep their students up to date with everything, bringing them one step closer to societal and political knowledge.

4. Institute of Business Management:

IOBM in recent times is a student favorite university because of its healthy and professional educational environment. Students of IoBM are competent and professionally apt. IOBM offers 5 years LLB undergraduate program. IoBM is on our list of best universities because it is undoubtedly one of the best private institutes in Karachi because of its wide range of academic programs.

5. Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science & Technology:

SZABIST is undoubtedly one of the most elite schools Karachi has to offer and one of the best law offering institutes in the city. SZABIST is a go-to school for most law students because it provides exposure that no other institute offers. SZABIST deserves a place in our top 8 universities list because of their highly educated faculty, well developed academic programs and other activities besides education. SZABIST provides social interaction among students and exposure to the practical environment. SZABIST offers 3-6 years law programs which are undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

6. Sindh Muslim Law College:

SM Law College is one of the oldest law colleges in the country. It was established in 1947 and has the most honourable ministers and judges of this country as its alumni’s. SM Law College also has one of the oldest law libraries in Pakistan. SM Law College provides its students with a 5-year L.L.B (Hons) degree. It’s a great opportunity for any student who gets to study in SM Law College because of its prestige and a chance to be a part of an institute that is responsible for a number of renowned personalities.

7. Hamdard University:

The Hamdard School of Law was established in 2001 as a part of vast academic programs at Hamdard University. They provide a 5-year degree to their students. Hamdard School of Law is very particular about their assessments and have their semesters planned out. They have everything in a systematic order which makes it easier for students as they have an outline to follow. Students can get admission after their intermediate/A level education.

8. Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, University of Law:

SZABUL is the first law university in Pakistan. SZABUL offers 5 years L.L.B program, 2 years L.L.M program, 3 years PhD program after L.L.M and L.L.D program. SZABUL also provides diplomas and other certificate courses in various fields of law. SZABUL gets a place on our list because of its range of law degrees and remarkable faculty which consists of retired judges, senior lawyers and barristers.