What Is The Difference Between Thesis And Dissertation

admin on 2022-09-21


If you are a university student then you must have either reached the point where you are required to write a dissertation and thesis or you might soon be asked to write one. No graduate degree can be complete without submitting a dissertation or a thesis.

If you are an undergraduate student then both dissertation and thesis can overwhelm you because you might not know what either of them is but don’t worry thesis writing service is here to help you out and provide answers for all your queries regarding the thesis and dissertation.

What is a thesis?

A thesis is a culmination of all the years of study, research, and hard work put into a single written piece. A thesis proves that a student is knowledgeable enough about the information they learned throughout the years of university. A thesis adds more information and relevance to the existing knowledge regarding a topic.

What is a Dissertation?

A dissertation is similar to a thesis but in most countries, it is required in the final year of a Ph.D. degree. The main purpose of a dissertation is to answer a research question by using either empirical study or literature-based study.

What is the Difference between Thesis and Dissertation?

The difference between thesis and dissertation mostly depends on the country you are studying in. Many countries require a dissertation as the final year project or assignment for Ph.D. degrees and in some countries, there is no relevant difference between a thesis and a dissertation. In fact, a thesis is sometimes also referred to as a dissertation in some countries.

Let’s have a look at some of the differences there might be between a thesis and a dissertation.

• In most countries, a thesis is required at the end of a master’s degree and it sort of marks the end of the degree whereas a dissertation is a final year project for the Ph.D. (doctoral study) degree.

• The purpose of a thesis is to allow you to represent the knowledge you gained or learned during the study and a dissertation is a more complicated approach for a project as it adds to the already available knowledge and contributes to a field of study with new findings or concepts.

• A thesis uses existing information, literary work, and citations to present the study while dissertations defend the study, a student has put forward after tons of observations, surveys, and going through available information.

• In a thesis, a student is analyzing, commenting, and giving opinions about a particular subject matter. A thesis shows the ability to think critically and how a student can put into words what they have learned and studied over the years.

A dissertation on the other hand uses the available studies and information just as a guide for proving the new research or concept.

• Lastly, a thesis should be around 100 pages but a dissertation is required to be much longer because it deals with a bulk of background information, multiple pieces of research, and extensive details of your own findings and research.