Women Education In Pakistan

admin on 2022-09-21


Education is an important factor for every human being and serves the same purpose in everyone’s life but still, there are more women in this world who are deprived of education than men.

In Pakistan, the education sector faces a lot of issues and one of them is education for women. A lot of thesis help, bring the statistics to the surface according to which, out of the total population of Pakistan, only 59 percent of people are educated.

Out of these 59 percent educated people, 71 percent are men and only 47 percent are women. Over the years hundreds of steps were taken to minimize the gap but the situation is quite the contrary. The number of literate women has not increased instead it has decreased in the past years.

It’s important for a woman to get a quality education, the same way as men because; women will be responsible for teaching and grooming the younger generation. If a mother is not well educated or doesn’t have a will to teach her kids, chances are the kids will also remain uneducated.

Educated women will help bring stability to the economy because the returns for education are fairly greater for women than men. The lower level of woman education doesn’t have a positive impact on the economy and paints an image of a backward society.

It is important for an underdeveloped country like Pakistan to pay special attention to women’s education because the country is in dire need of well-educated and sensible people who can bring a better change in this country.

Also, no country in the world can develop and become successful if the women of that country are not given equal opportunities as men. One of the biggest reasons why Pakistan struggles to grow and become financially stable is that most women here are not treated with the equality they deserve because the importance of a boy getting education is more.

According to the constitution of Pakistan, article thirty-seven indicates that it is a fundamental right of every female citizen of Pakistan to get an education but due to gender discrepancies and some other factors every female is not getting the education she deserves.

If we take a look at the statistics of the pre-primary level of education, in both the public and private sectors, the number of girls enrolled in the schools is lesser than the boys.

In the public sector, 57% are boys and 43% are girls while the percents in the private sector are 55 and 45 respectively.

But if we look at the degree level education, female students outnumber male students by a big margin. In public sector institutions, female students are 62% while male students are only 38%.

 The level of education provided by the public sector in Pakistan is already questionable. Although the PTI government has made promises to ensure a high-quality education for every citizen of Pakistan. Also, this government claims to understand the importance of women’s education and has taken many different steps to be more inclusive of women not only in terms of education but in every other factor as well.